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PNQ - National Quality Award

The National Quality Award is coordinated by the National Quality Foundation, a nonprofit institution, founded by 59 private sector and government organizations to encourage Management Excellence in organizations of every size and in every industry.

The award was created in 1992 and recognizes management excellence at organizations based in Brazil.

The award process mainly aims to:
» Encourage cultural, political, scientific, technology, economic and social development in Brazil;
» Provide organizations with a benchmark for continuous improvement;
» Publicly recognize quality management excellence at world-class organization;
» Disseminate successful managing practices as benchmarks.

Organizations which put themselves forward for the award are generally submitted to an in-depth analysis of management methods, carried out by trained FNQ examiners. This analysis is based on a rigorous codes of ethics and produces a wide-ranging management Evaluation Report.

Furnas' participation in the award process involves:

Providing facilities to train the PNQ examiner panel and hold consensus meetings; allocating employees to the training groups and examiner panel; actively participating in a number of FNQ committees; and sponsored events.

PQGF - National Public Management Award

The National Public Management Award - PQGF was created in March 1998 and is a strategic component of the National Program for Public Management and to Reduce Bureaucracy - GESPUBLICA. In annual cycles, it recognizes public organizations which have performed at a high level and have adopted high quality management methods, based on the Public Management Model of Excellence.

Furnas' involvement in the PQGF cycles is summarized below:

2005 - Silver Ribbon
2004 - Silver Ribbon
2002 - PQGF Trophy
2001 - PQGF Trophy

PPQD - São Paulo Quality Management Award

The São Paulo Quality Management Award - PPQG, is managed by IPEG, the São Paulo Institute of Management Excellence, a nonprofit organization created by the private sector in order to improve management of public or private organizations in the state of São Paulo.

The PPQG was created in 2001 and annually distributes awards to organizations in São Paulo with the best management systems, based on an evaluation by a panel of volunteer and independent examiners, using criteria based on the FNQ excellence model.

Furnas PPQG awards include:

2004 – Silver Medal
2003 – Silver and Bronze Medal
2002 – Bronze Medals
2001 – Bronze Medals

PMQ - Minas Gerais Quality Award

The Minas Gerais Quality Award - PMQ was created in 2003 to encourage companies to attain business management excellence.

The PMQ model is based on the Path to Excellence publication, a management model adopted by organizations seeking to increase their competitiveness, but without proposing specific management structures of methodologies, which makes it applicable for organizations in any sector and of any size.

In 2004 2005, Furnas enrolled its units in the state of Minas Gerais in the PMQ assessment process. In 2007, Furnas was on the examiner's panel, when 12 organizations based in Minas Gerais won the state quality award.

2005 - Bronze Ribbon
2004 - Bronze Ribbon

PQES - Espírito Santo Quality Award

The Espírito Santo Quality Award - PQES was created in 2004 and is coordinated by the Compete-ES, a program run by the state government of Espírito Santo which, alongside the private sector, proposes actions to increase corporate competitiveness.

The PQES recognizes state organizations who have taken effective measures to adopt a management model based on excellence. The award aims to improve the performance of organizations located in the state of Espírito Santo.

In 2004, a Furnas unit was involved in the award cycle and received the bronze ribbon.

2004 - Bronze Ribbon

PQDF - Federal District Quality Award

The Federal District Quality Award - PQDF, was created in 2003 to improve Quality so that the competitiveness of local organizations products and services is able to provide the population with a better quality of life.

The PQDF is the result of a partnership between the public and private sectors to expand the philosophy and principles of quality on a democratic basis and help promote and improve the products and services provided by organizations based in the Federal District.

2005 - Bronze Ribbon

PQRio - Rio Quality Award

The Rio Quality Award - PQRio, created in 1997, is part of the Rio Quality Program - PQR organized every year by the Rio de Janeiro state government's State Secretariat of Economic Development, Energy, Industry and Services - SEDEIS. The PQRio acknowledges organizations based in Rio de Janeiro, or that units, which strive to achieve excellence through their management models. The goal is to encourage better performance from public and private institutions throughout the state.

The table below lists for his involvement in the various cycles of the PQRio award:

2004 – 2 Gold Medals and 1 Silver Medal
2003 – 1 Gold Medal, 1 Silver Medal and 1 Bronze Medal
2002 – 2 Silver Medals and 1 Bronze Medal
2001 – 1 Silver Medals and 1 Bronze Medal
2000 – 3 Bronze Medals
1999 – 2 Bronze Medals
1998 – 2 Bronze Medals

As part of his approach to encouraging and promoting national development, every year Furnas allows its employees to work on the panels of examiners for a number of management awards, such as the PNQ, PQGF, PPQG, PMQ, PQES and PQRio.

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