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Management System Certification

Certification provides guidance on how to achieve the best quality standards. Recommended certifications are NBR ISO 9001 - Quality Management; NBR ISO 14001 - Environmental Management, OHSAS 18001 - Occupational Health and Safety Management and SA 8000 - Social Responsibility (currently NBR 16001).

Quality Management System - SQG
(Based on the requirements in NBR ISO 9001:2000)

60 Units have SQG certification
This standard aims to increase customer satisfaction through the effective use and continued improvement of the system and ensuring compliance with client requirements and applicable regulations;

Environmental management System - SGA
(Based on the requirements in NBR ISO 14001:2004)

One Unit holds SGA certification and another is currently going through the recertification process
This standard is used to ensure proper environmental management by controlling the impact of the organization's activities, products and services and enforcing compliance with legislation and other requirements set out in its environmental policy;

Occupational Health and Safety Management System - SGSSO
(Based on requirements in OHSAS 18001:2007)

One unit has integrated SGQ and SGSSO certification, currently recertifying
This standard focuses on continuously improving a system that eliminates or minimizes health and safety risks for organization personnel and ensures compliance with legislation and OHS policies;


Furnas has three laboratories which have been accredited by Inmetro, 1 in the Brazilian Test Laboratory Network (RBLE) and 2 in the Brazilian Calibration Network (RBC), which are active in nine areas, namely: dimensions; strength, torque and hardness; mass; pressure; time and frequency; temperature; electricity; geotechnical testing and concrete technology, capable of carrying out 141 accredited services (60 calibration services and 81 testing services).

NBR ISO 17025 - Calibration and Testing Laboratories

This standard specifies the general requirements for carrying out testing and/or calibration services, including sampling. It includes testing calibrations using standardized methods, non-standard methods and methods developed by the laboratory.

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