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The company believes that progress and competitiveness can only be achieved through joint efforts, involving agents from every sphere of government, the business class and the third sector.

Furnas is aware of the mission it has been charged with by society and has sold two fulfill its role as a driver of national development, helping to create and support partnerships and provide a working conditions.

Furnas' main partner organizations include:

Abipti - Brazilian Association of Technology Research Institutions

ABNT CB -25 - Brazilian Quality Committee

CIC - Center for Innovation and Competitiveness

Compete - Program to Increase Systemic Competitiveness in Espírito Santo

Copese - Eletrobras Strategic Planning Committee

Firjan - Board of Strategic Management for Competitiveness

FNQ - National Quality Foundation

Gequal - Executive Quality Group

Gespública - National Program for Public Management and the Reduction of Bureaucracy

Group of State-Owned Electricity Industry Companies

"State Company and Public Organizations" Group

Action Group

Inde - National Institute of Development and Excellence

Inmetro - National Institute of Metrology, Normalization and Industrial Quality

Ipeg - São Paulo Institute of Management Excellence

IQM - Minas Gerais Quality Institute

ISO - International Organization for Standardization (Casco - Committee for Conformity Assessment and TC 176 - Technical Committee)

MBC - Competitive Brazil Movement

PQR - Rio Quality Program

SBM - Brazilian Metrology Society

Sedeis -RJ - State Secretariat for Economic Development, Energy, Industry and Services

UBQ -RJ - Brazilian Union for Quality

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