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Furnas provides services in a number of areas, based on experience gained from over 55 years of major achievements. See below to find out how we can help your business succeed and, if you are interested, contact our team for further information.

Hydrographic Basin Inventory Studies (EIBH):

These studies determine the hydroelectric potential of a hydrographic basin and establish the best division of head, identifying areas which, together, will provide the maximum energy at the lowest cost and with the least impact on the environment. The study will assess a range of areas with hydroelectric potential, their main characteristics, cost estimates, cost/benefit indices and environmental indices.

Technical and Economic Feasibility Studies (EVTE):

These studies provide an overall view of a specific hydroelectric project, based on the head selected in the previous step, to optimize its technical, economic and environmental features and obtain the associated benefits and costs. This approach includes determining the scale of the project, the local and regional infrastructure works required to implement it, the reservoir, the area of influence, use of other waters and corresponding social and environmental actions.

Energy and Economic Studies:

Energy and economic studies focus on Inventory Studies and Feasibility Surveys, particularly the latter. The studies define the output and economic requirements for a hydroelectric project. The inventory stage evaluates the energy potential of a hydrographic basin, providing alternatives for dividing the basin head, with preliminary characteristics and estimated costs and benefits for each alternative project.

Scale Model Hydroelectric Plant Studies

Scale models of hydroelectric plants are built in order to provide further information on plant performance under a range of operating conditions.

Environmental Management

This service coordinates and supervises the information and activities required to meet certain conditions and obtain construction and operating licenses in order to develop electricity generation, transmission and telecommunication projects.

Land Management

Land management services coordination supervises the information and the actions required to obtain areas for generation, transmission and telecommunications projects.

Electrical Systems Studies

These include performance studies for electrical systems providing additional information to support transmission project planning. The studies use the Electrical Systems Digital Simulator.

Basic and Detailed Engineering Designs

Analysis of documents required when presenting the Basic and Detailed Engineering Designs for generation and transmission projects to the National Electrical Energy Agency (Aneel).

Technical Specifications for Equipment and Services

This service provides technical specifications for the main equipment, auxiliary equipment and materials required during generation, transmission and telecommunications projects.

Service and Equipment Quality Control

This service oversees supplies of equipment, material and services to generation, transmission and telecommunication projects, including technical documentation, inspection (factory), acceptance testing (factory and site), installation and commissioning.

Worksite Quality Control

This service oversees performance of civil construction works, including earthmoving, foundations, buildings, metal structures, infrastructure and electromechanical assembly.

Operation and Maintenance

This service coordinates and/or carries out operational and maintenance services for generation, transmission and telecommunications projects.

Voice and Data Transmission for Electricity and Telecommunications Companies

These services include point-to-point or point to multipoint channels for voice and data transmission used by electricity or telecommunications companies.

>Furnas is capable of providing all of these specialized services in Brazil and abroad based on cooperation agreements or service agreements.

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