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Furnas is a mixed economy company that generates and transmits electricity, a subsidiary of Centrais Elétricas Brasileiras S.A. - Eletrobras, associated with the Ministry of Mines and Energy.


Furnas was created in the middle of the 1950s to address the emerging energy crisis which threatened supplies to Brazil's three main social and economic centers – São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte.

The company Central Elétrica de Furnas was created on February 28, 1957, via Federal Decree 41,066 in order to build and operate Brazil's first large-scale hydroelectric plant, the Furnas Hydroelectric Plant, with an output of 1216 MW, on the Río Grande river. The company, which was based in Passos (MG), began operating in 1963.

The company

Furnas is based in Rio de Janeiro (RJ) with branches in Minas Gerais, Goiás, Mato Grosso, Espírito Santo, Federal District, Tocantins, Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Rondônia, São Paulo and most recently Rio Grande do Norte.

Furnas runs a range of enterprises which generate 10% of Brazil's electricity. These enterprises include 17 hydroelectric power stations, 2 thermal power stations, approximately 24,000 km of transmission lines and 62 substations. 40% of all of the energy consumed in Brazil passes through the Eletrobras Furnas System. The company is responsible for supplying energy to an area accounting for 63% of Brazilian homes and 81% of domestic GDP.

The company is responsible for supplying energy to an area accounting for 63% of Brazilian homes and 81% of domestic GDP.

Today, the company is implementing an expansion plan and is building 4 new hydroelectric power stations – Santo Antonio (RO), Simplício (RJ/MG), Batalha (GO/MG) and Teles Pires (MT/PA) - 28 transmission lines and 15 substations, funded by the company itself or in partnership with other companies. All of these projects create thousands of jobs and will bring electricity to over 13 million Brazilians, bringing the number of people who receive energy generated or transmitted under the Furnas brand to 41 million. Generating capacity will increase by more than 50%, from 11,000 MW to 16.5 thousand megawatts.

Furnas is not only involved in hydroelectric and thermal power generation, it also invests in alternative energy sources. Partnering with other business groups, it holds authorization to build 30 wind farms in Ceará and Rio Grande do Norte with a total output of 750 MW.


To act with the highest standards of business excellence and social and environmental responsibility in the electricity industry, contributing towards society's development.

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