» Generating Capacity » Itumbiara Hydroelectric Plant
With six units in operation and a total output of 2082 MW, Itumbiara is the biggest plant in the FURNAS System, located on the Paranaíba River, between the cities of Itumbiara (GO) and Araporã (MG) Operating since 1981, this project has produced a number of technological achievements.

Construction began in November 1974 and in April 1980, the first generating unit came online. Despite adverse weather conditions and the cutting edge generator units, believed to be the biggest in the world at the beginning of the 80s, the Itumbiara Plant was designed and built on schedule. Brazilian companies were responsible for building 97% of the project, a record level of national input for this type of development. 90% of the main equipment was provided by Brazilian companies as well.

In 1997, in a pioneering step for FURNAS, the Itumbiara Plant initiated remote control operation of the Corumbá Plant, allowing it to operate unassisted. A latest generation digital electronic system and "OPWG" fiber optics connect the two plants.



Type: gravity
Max. Height: 106 m
Volume of concrete: 1.8 million m³
Volume of clay: 31.5 million m³


Maximum storage level: 520 m
Maximum flood level: 521.20 m
Minimum operating level: 495 m
Flooded area: 778 km²
Total volume: 17 billion m³
Operating volume: 12,454 km³


Flood gates:
Type - penstock
Quantity - 6
Width - 8.83 m
Height - 12.31 m
Manufacturers: Krupp (Brazil) - Krupp (Germany)


Maximum discharge: 16,000 m³/s
Flood gates:
Type - sector
Quantity - 6
width - 15 m
height - 9 m
Manufacturers: Badoni - ATB (Brazil) and ATB (Italy)


Type: internal
Size: 223 m x 25 m
Generating units:
Quantity - 6
Rated power per unit: 347 MW
Type - Francis vertical axis
Rotor diameter - 7.06 m
Manufacturers - J.M. Voith (Germany), Bardella
BSI and Voith (Brazil)
Frequency - 60 Hz
Terminal voltage: 13.8 kV
Manufacturers - Gebsa (Brazil) and CGE (Canada)
Transformers: 19 (operational plus reserve)
Quantity - 19
Total operating capacity - 2,399.94 MVA
Transformer ratio - 13.8/525 kV
Manufacturer- Tusa (Brazil)