» Generating Capacity » Luiz Carlos Barreto de Carvalho Hydroelectric Plant

This is one of five FURNAS plans with output in excess of 1000 MW. In 1962, FURNAS was given the responsibility of concluding the feasibility studies for the Estreito Plant (as it was formerly called). Construction began in 1963, coinciding with the beginning of commercial operations at the Furnas Plant. Its first unit went online in March 1969, which was a significant milestone because of the volume of Brazilian manufacturers and construction companies involved and meant the original timetable had been maintained.

The Luiz Carlos Barreto de Carvalho reservoir normally operates at an almost constant level, thanks to the water flow control exercised by the Furnas Plant upstream. When it was concluded, the Estreito Plant was one of the lowest cost power stations per kilowatt in the world, because of its run-of-river reservoir which meant relatively little was spent on expropriation.

Inaugurated in 1969, the plant is located in the municipal region of Pedregulho, close to the city of Franca in São Paulo, and has six turbines with a total output of 1050 MW, sufficient to meet demand from 20 cities this size.



Type: rock filled embankment dam with a clay core
Max. height: 92 m
Length of the crest: 535 m
Crest width: 15.8 m
Crest height: 629 m
Total volume: 4,290,000 m³


Maximum storage level: 622,5
Maximum flood level: 626,64
Minimum operating level: 618,50
Flooded area: 46.7 km²
Total volume: 1.418 billion m³
Operating volume: 0.178 billion m³


Flood gates:
Type - penstock
Quantity - 6
Water height above the sill - 19 m
width - 6,8 m
height - 10,8 m
Manufacturers: Riva Calzoni (Italy) and Coemsa (Brazil)


Maximum discharge: 13,000 m³/s
Flood gates:
Type - segment
Quantity - 6
width - 11.5 m
height - 16.5 m
radius - 16 m
Manufacturers: Badoni (Brazil) and ATB (Italy)


Type: covered
Size: 177 m x 24.2 m
Generating units:
Quantity - 6
revolutions: 112.5 rpm
rated power. 175 MW
Type - Francis vertical axis
Rotor diameter - 5.8 m
Manufacturer - Voith Consortium (Brazil and Germany)
Frequency - 60 Hz
Terminal voltage: 13.8 kV
Manufacturer - ASEA (Brazil and Sweden)
Transformers: 20 (operational plus reserve)
Type: single phase
Total operating capacity - 1199.88 MVA
Transformation ratio: 13.8/345 kV
Manufacturers: Jeumont Schneider (France), ACEC (Belgium) and COEMSA