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The Manso Plant, built in partnership with the private sector, is located in the state of Mato Grosso, on the Manso river, the main tributary of the Cuiabá river. The PROMAN Consortium, whose shareholders are Odebrecht, Servix and Pesa, provided 30% of the total investment. In February 1999, FURNAS took responsibility for the remaining 70% which had, until then, been managed by Eletronorte. With an output of 212 MW, the plant was designed multiple uses in mind for the water and the reservoir. The benefits of the Manso Multi-Use Project include its ability to control the flood and drought cycle on the Cuiabá River, helping reduce the resulting socioeconomic impacts.

FURNAS, as an electricity generating, transmission and sales company with a number of social responsibility commitments, believes that the environment is a fundamental aspect of its activities.

In order to mitigate and offset the changes brought about by building and operating the Manso Plant, whose reservoir covers an area of 427 km2 in the regions of Chapada dos Guimarăes and Nova Brasilândia, FURNAS has implemented 21 environmental programs, including the Hydrological, Ichtyofauna, Lymnologic and Water Quality Monitoring Program and the Wildlife Conservation and Management Program.



Total Length: 3,680 m
In concrete: 140 m
In compacted soil: 3,120 m
Embankment: 420 m


Hydrographic basin: 9,365 km²
Flooded area (Max.): 427 km²
Accumulated volume: 7.3 x 109 m³
Operating volume: 2,951 x 106 m³
Normal maximum level: 287 m
Normal minimum level: 278 m


Type: gravity
Length: 45 m
Number of channels (floodgates): 04
Spillway length: 264.90 m
Number of penstocks: 04
Internal diameter: 5,200 m


Flow: 2,990 m³/s
Number of channels: 03
Spillway weir length: 276.25 m
Total Length: 50 m
Type of floodgates: segmented (9.5 x 13.5)


Type: internal
Size: 116.80 m x 16.80 m
Number of units: 04
Installed power: 212 MW
Overhead crane: 2 x 650/150 kN
Rated apparent power: 55.5 MVA
Power factor: 0,95
Attendance: 60 Hz
Rated voltage: 13.8 kV +/- 5%
Maximum continuous power: 62.5 MVA
Firm energy: 92 MW/year
Type: Francis vertical axis
Rated net head: 57.5 m
Rated power: 52.5 MW
Rotation: 180 rpm
Flow: 104.6 m³/s
Transformers: 5 (operational plus reserve)
Type - single phase
Total operating capacity - 250 MVA
Transformer ratio - 13.8/230 kV
Manufacturer - Toshiba