The energy that FURNAS generates drives the country's economy, promotes the integration of different localities and transforms realities. However, more than just providing electricity, the company has helped illuminate lives over the past few years.

What is the FURNAS Volunteer Program?

The program is an initiative stemming from the company's Socio and Cultural Responsibility, to encourage, organize, support and recognize the involvement of its employees in voluntary activities in the communities where the company operates.

Since 2002, the program has encouraged volunteer work among its employees by promoting volunteer service in actions and/or social causes, allowing the appropriate use of their talents and free time to promote the social development.

What is the FURNAS Volunteer Program for?

  • Strengthen the exercise of citizenship and encourage social participation;

  • Raise awareness about social responsibility;

  • Encourage and mobilize spontaneous citizenship activities of its employees in volunteer actions;

  • Valuing and recognizing the volunteering done by its employees;

  • Reinforce FURNAS' commitment and promote a good relationship with the community, through volunteer actions in operating areas.

  • Promote interaction between different company departments and employees, stimulating the leadership, encouraging teamwork and promoting solidarity aimed at results.

Community Vegetable Gardens

The Community Gardens cultivated at FURNAS facilities are maintained by company volunteers, with the objective of improving the food and nutritional habits of institutions in needy communities, besides providing better food to malnourished children, infants, adults and elderly people.

The fruits and vegetables are distributed to public institutions and Civil Society Organizations located near the company. FURNAS volunteers collaborate in maintaning, harvesting and distributing the produce.

The company’s units that hold these activities are located in São José da Barra (MG), Cachoeira Paulista (SP), Mogi das Cruzes (SP), Brasília (DF) and Sapucaia (RJ).

In 2017, 55.9 tons of vegetables and fruits benefitted about 44,000 people from 43 institutions, representing a 10% increase in production and the number of beneficiaries compared with 2016.

Citizenship Village

The Citizenship Village project was conceived by the Sociocultural Responsibility Management and is intended for the communities close to the company's operating areas.

The Citizenship Village offers services, such as: education, health, leisure, culture and citizenship, issuance of documents, legal advice, social assistance, medical and dental care, children's vaccination, haircuts, combating dengue and rodents, vaccination of animals, sports and cultural activities and lectures on education, health and the environment, among other events.

The first Citizenship Village was established in September 2003, in the city of Ibiraci (MG) and was supported by volunteer employees of the Mascarenhas de Moraes Plant. Since 2003, 61 Citizenship Villages have been built in communities neighboring FURNAS' operations. Approximately 12,000 services were provided in 2017 alone.