Since the end of the 90s, FURNAS has pioneered efforts to protect vegetation cover under transmission line cables. The initiative greatly reduces vegetation destruction. The company recovers areas used during \construction of operational units using Programs for the Recovery of Degraded Areas (PRAD) and for Conservation of Flora and Vegetation Restoration, which greatly minimizes interference.

Since 2002, FURNAS has been rescuing plant germplasm. After collecting the seeds, seedlings of various tree species are grown at the company's seedling nurseries. The seedlings produced are planted as part of the Flora Conservation and Vegetation Restoration Programs.

Plant nurseries

A total of 1.2 million seedlings of native Atlantic Forest and Cerrado species have been produced at FURNAS (MG), Luiz Carlos Barreto de Carvalho (SP/MG), Marimbondo (MG/SP), Funil (RJ) and Itumbiara (MG/GO) nurseries. The seedlings were used to plant approximately 432 hectares of Permanent Preservation Areas (APPs) at power plant reservoirs and environmental compensation areas impacted by transmission lines and substations.

Degraded Area Recovery Plan (PRAD)

Prior to any vegetation suppression, forest inventories are carried out to identify and quantify the flora. Subsequently, FURNAS implements Degraded Area Recovery Programs (PRADs) through which the suppressed vegetation is reestablished in equivalent or larger areas, in accordance with local legislation.