Sustainability for FURNAS

FURNAS generates and transmits energy on a sustainable basis. The company’s management continuously focuses on economical feasibility, respect for the environment and social integration to become more competitive and sustainable. FURNAS is renewing its commitment to the country’s development.

The company is also:

  • Accountable and takes responsibility for its impact on society, the economy and the environment;
  • Enhancing positive and minimizing negative impacts from its decisions and activities;
  • Promoting management transparency;
  • Behaving ethically, based on honesty, fairness and integrity;
  • Promoting respect for and taking into account the demands and concerns of all stakeholders;
  • Respecting the international behavioral rules;
  • Following the principle that the rule of law is mandatory and that no individual, organization or government is above the law;
  • Respecting human rights and recognize both their importance and their universal application.

Sustainability Policy