Technology services for the energy generation businesses

FURNAS provides high-end technology to for many different engineering projects. The company is well-known for the standard of excellence and pioneering spirit at its technology centers, which offer a wide variety of resources for project optimization.

These centers are certified by the National Institute of Metrology (INMETRO) and ISO. Services include:

  • Concrete Technology
  • Geotechnics
  • Thermomechanical Concrete Modeling
  • Mineralogy and Microstructural Analysis
  • Concrete Durability and Performance Tests
  • Small-scale Study Models (physical and computerized)

These solutions can be used by companies that want to use technology to control construction, carry out advanced studies on materials used in construction or thermal behavior studies involving concrete mass, streamline hydraulic structures and perform studies on spillway operations, among others.

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FURNAS’ main customers of this segment include: