Dam safety

FURNAS has 21 hydroelectric power plants (which it owns itself or with a partner) and significant experience in dam safety; the company has its own safety control protocol, which includes regular inspections and corrective/preventive maintenance, to comply with the specifications in the National Dam Safety Policy and National Electrical Energy Agency (Aneel) resolutions.

With its vast experience in Dam Safety services, FURNAS can provide services and consultancy to the following areas: dam auscultation, civil instrumentation maintenance (operational assessment, filming and drainage system unblocking) and dam break studies, etc.

These services are offered to engineering companies (design, service, construction and consultancy providers), Special Purpose Entities - SPEs (before, during and after construction) and Eletrobras Group companies.

For further information, please contact servicos@furnas.com.br or call: (21) 2528-3926.