Corumbá Plant

Credit: AC Júnior

Located on the Corumbá River, about 30 km from the city of Caldas Novas (GO), the Corumbá Power Plant has an installed capacity of 375 MW divided into three generator units.

Construction work was started in 1982 by the Centrais Elétricas de Goiás (Celg) and transferred to FURNAS in 1984. At the time, the works had been suspended and only resumed in June 1987, when the maximum reservoir level was limited to an elevation of 595 m.

The Corumbá Plant is part of the Electricity Sector’s 10-year Work Program, approved by the President of the Republic. Despite concerns among the local population, the plant’s design protected the traditional Caldas Novas hot springs, which are located nearby. The lake formed by the reservoir is now a new tourist destination for the region. It covers 65 km² and can be used for various water sports.

Due to its privileged location, Corumbá adds energy to the interconnected South / Southeast / Center-West system, especially the Federal District. It links into the energy transmission network via 345 kV transmission lines which run from the local substation to the Samambaia substation in Brasília.

The Corumbá Plant is the first remotely controlled Furnas plant and it is operated remotely from the Itumbiara Plant located 160 km away.

Technical Data


  • Type: riprap with core
  • Maximum height: 90 m
  • Concrete volume: 310 thousand m³


  • Normal operating level: 595 m
  • Maximum flood level: 595.5 m
  • Level of expropriation: 596 m
  • Minimum operating level: 570 m
  • Flooded area: 65 km²
  • Total volume: 1.5 km³
  • Usable volume: 1.03 km³

Water Intake

  • Sliding gates
  • Quantity: 3
  • Width: 5.8 m
  • Height: 7.6 m
  • Manufacturer: BSI


  • Maximum Discharge: 6,800 m³/s
  • Segmented gates
  • Quantity: 4
  • Width: 15 m
  • Height: 17 m
  • Manufacturer: BSI


  • Type: sheltered
  • Generator units: 3
  • Rotation: 150 / 316 RPM
  • Total rated capacity: 375 MW


  • Type: Francis vertical axis
  • Manufacturer: Sade Vigesa


  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Terminal voltage: 13.8 Kv
  • Manufacturer: ABB
  • Transformers: 4 (operation + back-up)
  • Type: three-phase
  • Total operating capacity: 417 MVA
  • Transformation ratio: 13.8 / 345 kV
  • Manufacturer: ABB