Environmental policy

In March 1998, FURNAS adopted an Environmental Policy aligned with the Sustainable Development philosophy.

As a company that generates and transmit energy, a basic input for economic and social development, we are committed to mitigating environmental interference at any cost.


FURNAS' Environmental Policy is guided by the following principles:

  • We comply with environmental and related legislation and respect environmental commitments;
  • We integrate the Company's environmental policies;
  • We remain aligned with the guidelines of the Eletrobras Companies’ Environmental Policy.


FURNAS’ environmental activities must:

  • Incorporate environmental issues into project planning, design, implementation and operation phases.
  • Publish environmental information associated with its businesses.
  • Maintain an open dialogue with employees, the community and other stakeholders and establish a participatory process that takes into account environmental issues.
  • Control and reduce environmental impacts resulting from the company's activities in order to protect natural assets and prevent pollution.
  • Improve processes and incorporate new technologies to continuously improve environmental performance.
  • Rationalize the use of natural resources and energy consumption.

Waste management policy

1. Objective

Build principles to promote management of all waste produced by the Company’s various businesses.

2. Presentation

2.1. As natural resources are becoming scarcer, Eletrobras FURNAS has recognized its responsibility for managing the waste from its businesses.

2.2. The policy highlights the need for systematic waste control from the moment it is created to final disposal, classifying reusable or recyclable waste as a socioeconomic asset, in accordance with current legislation.

3. Principles

Based on its Waste Management Policy, the company:

3.1. Promotes and facilitates waste management activities across the Company, encouraging environment and sustainable development in accordance with current legislation.

3.2. Systematically controls Company waste generation, collection, segregation, storage, transportation, processing, treatment, recovery and final disposal.

3.3. Contracts with suppliers and service providers that use environmentally correct technology and acquires products or materials that cause the least environmental impact.

3.4. Offers training and safe working conditions to protect the health of waste management employees.

3.5. Provides ongoing environmental education and increases employee awareness of waste management.

3.6. Preserves Eletrobras FURNAS’s reputation as a socially and environmentally responsible company on waste management issues and works with the local communities where the Company operates, as was environmental agencies and other stakeholders.

3.7. Establish, implement, evaluate and monitor systems, plans, programs, projects and processes that reduce waste generation, as well as regulations affecting Eletrobras FURNAS, in accordance with the Environmental Policy and other Company policies.