Educational programs

FURNAS Social Energy Program

The program discusses several citizenship and human rights topics with elementary and high school students. Priority is given to cities with the lowest Human Development Indices (HDI) and close to the Company's areas of operation.

Students and teachers participate in group dynamics that include games that promote healthy eating and combat energy and water waste, with lectures on recycling, bullying and fires, in addition to storytelling shows. The socio-cultural and educational activities are adapted to the age group of the students, who also receive support from volunteer teachers and instructors.

FURNAS Social Energy is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The project is carried out in partnership with public education institutions. The activities address important themes for socio-cultural growth and that are part of young people’s daily lives, alerting them about issues such as respect, tolerance, sustainability and citizenship from an early age.

Caminhos Project

The project was created by volunteers at the FURNAS Foz do iguaçu Substation in 2002 to promote literacy and training for children and adolescents between nine and 17 years old living in situations of social risk. The project serves inhabitants of the Cidade Nova 1 and Cidade Nova 2 neighborhoods in the city of Foz do iguaçu (PR).

The initiative uses sports as a tool to promote education, citizenship and community, and helps adolescents join the labor market through the Young Apprentice Program. Young people have access to school tutoring, foreign language classes, games and physical activities, psychologists, as well as food, transportation and a full uniform, thanks to an agreement between FURNAS and the Nossa Senhora Aparecida Civil Society. The project currently serves about 200 young people.

The activities are organized by teachers, psychologists, educators and a support team from the Nossa Senhora Aparecida Civil Society at the leisure area of the Foz de Iguaçu Substation, from Monday to Friday, during extra-curricular shifts. The company meets several of its Social Responsibility commitments through the project, such as safeguarding human rights, promoting literacy and providing professional training, strengthening its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the principles established by the UN Global Compact. Supporting this project meets the first, fourth, tenth and sixteenth SDG principles - 1st “Eradicate poverty”; 4th “Quality Education”; 10th “Decrease Inequality”; 16th Peace, Justice and Efficient Institutions.

Caregiver Course

FURNAS has provided the Caregiver Course for over 20 years, offering training in child, adult, elderly and disabled care. The initiative is currently a partnership between FURNAS, Faculdade Presbiteriana Mackenzie and Cártias Arquidiocesana. Trainees must be over 18 years old, submit copies of their CV, ID card, CPF, proof of residence, elementary school certificate or diploma and a peronal statement describing why they want to take the course. Refugees are also welcome.

The training and teaching materials are free of charge, and meals and transportation are the students’ responsibility. When the course ends, students’ names will be included in the FURNAS Caregiver Register. About 3,000 people have already taken the course and the main challenge faced by students is entering the job market.